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Series 1 has 90 different Crappers and 10 different Dump cards. With variants and foil cards, there are over 260 cards to collect!

Almost. The cards in the starter decks are exclusive to the decks. You can find their variants in the boosters, but you won’t find their original versions in the packs. There is also one Dump (Surprise) that is only available in the starter decks.

There also secret cards that you can only get online and through dealers as well, but those are numbered higher than 90 and aren’t considered part of the base set.

Pretty much. We don’t use the obvious bad word at all in the retail items, even though we are missing out on a ton of awesome jokes. We recommend 8 and up, but most everything in the game your kid has heard before.

That’s great! Please email us at or give us a call at 866-9BANNER and we’ll discuss the exclusive dealer pricing!

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